Celebrating the Year of the Dragon

Welcoming the Lunar New Year: Lion Dancers Bless Village Honda



In a spirited celebration of the Lunar New Year, Village Honda ignited the dealership ambiance with the majestic allure of the Year of the Dragon on February 17th. Traditional Lion Dancers from World Pak Mei Hug Ging Do Martial Arts graced the showroom, infusing it with vibrant energy and blessings for prosperity.

Against the backdrop of the red and gold, symbolizing good luck and fortune, the dealership became a canvas for the mesmerizing performance of the lion dancers. They captivated the audience,  invoking the dragon’s mighty spirit to bring abundance and good fortune to our dealership and our guests.

The significance of the Year of the Dragon resonated deeply within the dealership, reflecting power, resilience, and prestige. As the lions paraded through the showroom, accompanied by the resonant echoes of drums and cymbals, a sense of unity and optimism enveloped the space, setting the stage for a year filled with promise and opportunity.

We extend warm wishes for prosperity, success, and joy to all. Happy New Year!