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Take advantage of the finest services for Honda car financing in Calgary and beyond at Village Honda! We have a team of car credit specialists who can help you obtain the right car loan for your needs and your budget for the purchase or lease of a new Honda or used vehicle.

You can benefit from rates as low as 0.9% for your next automotive purchase; for maximum convenience, , and we will take care of the rest! We have the backing of Honda Canada Finance, ensuring we are always able to obtain for you the best rate possible.

Sub-Prime Financing

Every day people have problems with credit; at Village Honda we help them get back on track with the finest services for second chance credit in Calgary. Credit problems can happen to anyone at one time or another - foreclosure, illness, divorce, bankruptcy, reduction in wages - life happens. At Village Honda, we can help you get approved for a vehicle.

If you have bad credit or none at all and are serious about restoring your credit rating, our Finance Department can help you get in to a new Honda or pre-owned vehicle.

Apply for credit today by filling out the credit application below or contact us for more information about our alternative financing solutions!

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Protection Plans

Rust Module

  • Exceeds factory warranties and specifications
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lifetime warranty

Underbody Protector

  • Seals the bottom of your vehicle from road salt, stones and gravel
  • Acts as a sound deadener for a quieter ride
  • Specifically formulated, black underbody sealer for the exposed, high impact areas

Interior Guard

Tricare's Fabric & Leather treatment is specifically formulated to protect your interior against permanent stains from food & beverage. It's Like Having Invisible Seat Covers!

  • Remains effective after numerous spills
  • Does not change the natural feel or look of your fabric or leather
  • Additional Warranty Coverage: Against accidental cigarette burns, fabric tears or rips.

Exterior Protection

Xzilon Paint Protection; no need to wax your car.EVER!

Tricare's exterior protector not only shines and helps keep your vehicle looking brand-new, it bonds to your vehicle's clear coat paint finish to provide a lasting barrier of protection against the harsh elements.

  • Protects your vehicle's paint finish from harmful ultra-violet sun rays
  • Protection against damage from acid rain, road salt, tree sap, bird droppings, road tar, oxidation and fading
  • Applied exclusively by your "Tricare" professionals
  • Only paint sealant product approved by Boeing for their planes
  • Reduces maintenance costs

PPF Paint Protection

Proven Protection : Now here's a good idea. Help protect your paint from harsh conditions that mark your finish. Stones, sand, road debris and bug acids eat away at one of your biggest investments. XPEL helps protect your finish like no other.

For your minivan, SUV or truck, think leading box and door edges, door handle inserts, bed rails, cab extensions, rocker panels and factory step-rails.

For your full-sized luxury vehicle, think leading hood edge, wheel flares, side mirrors, rocker panels and leading door edges.

For your sports or performance vehicle, think leading hood edge, front air scoops, rear fender panels and windshield edge molding.

VPP - Village Protection Plan

Theft Deterrent System

Stolen Vehicle Coverage: A benefit of $3,500 will be paid should the vehicle be stolen and not recovered within 30 days, or if the vehicle is recovered but is damaged to the extent it is determined to be a total loss as defined by the purchaser's insurance company.

A traceable ID number is permanently etched into the bottom corner of all the window glass of your vehicle. Tricor decals are placed above the ID number on the driver and passenger windows. This alerts potential thieves that the windows have been permanently etched. The Tricor etch cannot be bypassed without replacing all the major windows, which is too costly and risky for thieves and chop shops.

The Tricor etch deters thieves who quickly defeat other security devices such as alarms, steering column immobilizers and electronic tracking systems. The Tricor etch deters the thief before he touches the car.

If a vehicle is lost or stolen and not recovered within 30 days, a benefit of $3,500 may be paid to you, in addition to your primary insurance coverage.

Additional benefits such as: rental, lodging and airfare are also available if the vehicle is not recovered within 30 days and is stolen more than 150 km away from home and a qualifying replacement vehicle is purchased.

In the event that the vehicle is stolen and recovered, but not a total loss, the purchaser may be entitled to a 5% discount on vandalism repairs up to a maximum of $500 at the issuing Tricor dealership.

Please refer to a complete copy of the actual Tricor Customer Protection (C.V.P.) Certificate for specific terms, conditions, exclusions and responsibilities under the certificate.

Life & Disability Insurance

Creditor Group Insurance & Specialized products

Consumer Guide to SAL Creditor Group Life and Disability Insurance.

Purchasing a new Honda or used vehicle can be an exciting time. The financial investment can be sizeable though, with the accompanying payments representing a large portion of your monthly budget.

SAL Group has been providing Canadians with quality products for over 40 years. Through our economical group insurance products, you can be assured that the financial obligations that come with your vehicle purchase are secure and protected. To learn more about our Creditor Group Life and Disability products, please follow one of the links below.

Many feel that, even at a low price, loan repayment insurance is an unnecessary addition to their monthly loan payment. The "it could never happen to me" attitude is understandable when your health is good and you're in the prime of your life, but the statistics on death and disability add a different perspective:

  • Over 6,000,000 Canadians a year will suffer an accidental injury
  • Accidents are the leading cause of death for Canadians 45 years of age and under
  • One in four Canadians between 25 and 45 years will be disabled for at least 90 days
  • Canadian insurers pay disability benefits under loan insurance plans in excess of $230 million per year.

What are creditor group life and disability insurance products?

Life :

  • Decreasing Term Life Insurance purchased in conjunction with a consumer credit transaction (loan, lease, mortgage) provides a death benefit to pay off all or part of the credit obligation in the event of an insured's death during the term of the coverage. Decreasing term life ensures that your family estate is left with an asset not a liability.
  • For a lease contract, or for a contract with a balloon/residual component, add residual Life Insurance for complete coverage.
  • Personal Loan Life Insurance up to $75,000
  • Personal Loan Disability Insurance up to $1,000 per month
  • Canadian insurers pay disability benefits under loan insurance plans in excess of $230 million per year.

Creditor Group life and disability benefits are payable to the creditor, or financial institution to reduce your financial obligation.

My Purchase is an Automobile or Light Truck

SAL Creditor Group Life and Disability Products are available for purchasers of automobiles and/or light trucks.

SAL Group provides a full range of insurance products to help protect your vehicle investment. If you are financing your vehicle, choose between Companion and Companion Plus.


Creditor Group insurance designed to complement short term disability coverage.

Companion Plus:

Companion Plus offers additional life insurance coverage and is a more inclusive product than Companion.