Paul Brandt

  • Sales & Leasing Consultant
  • New Vehicles

Phone: 403 239-3900


Growing up in Wisconsin, Paul developed a passion for the outdoors very early on and to this day is an avid bowman and fisherman. When Paul was a teenager, he shot himself with his bow and arrow (by accident) and on the very next shot, he shot his hunting partner (another accident). Both Paul and his hunting partner survived.

In 1978, Paul was able to capture a 9 minute movie of Bigfoot on 16mm film. He's happy to show it to anyone who asks to see it.

Paul has written a book about his various adventures and also recently recorded an album, two life goals he eagerly checked off his bucket list.

A longtime veteran of the automotive industry, Paul has spent the last 22 years working as a Sales & Leasing Consultant at Village Honda. He has won 9 Grand Master sales awards, 4 Senior Sales Master sales awards, 9 Sales Master sales awards and 2 Sales Leader sales awards.