Always Found Your Staff to Go Beyond What We Ask

They did everything and more in kindness and service. They knew we had an important appointment in the late afternoon and they had the shuttle service pick us up, deliver us at Honda, had the car ready and waiting at the front door of the building even quite a few minutes before we had asked for it. We have had our 2003 CR-V serviced here always. Thank you.

Other customers satisfied

The Service Department Is Friendly and Efficient
Superb from start to finish. It's been around 20 years from Crowfoot Honda then to the new Village Honda location that I have purchased or leased vehicles. Regardless of who you have contact with, everyone is so well trained that your experience will be gratifying. Honda is a super product to buy...
He Didn’t Seem like a Salesman, He Was More like a Salesfriend
Paul was very easy to work with. He prioritized my needs and helped provide an extremely fair price . I didn’t feel any pressure at all consulting with him, and he always made sure to provide clarity on any confusion. He pointed out different options from a finance perspective, and advised on...
Ali Was Excellent
Ali was excellent to deal with, asked enough questions to confirm what I was looking for without being pushy with things I didn't want. My CR-V was exactly what I had ordered and was absolutely spotless.
Warm Smiles
Professionalism, friendly conversation, and warm smiles will always ensure a next visit with Village Honda.