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Fantastic staff! Very friendly!

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He Didn’t Seem like a Salesman, He Was More like a Salesfriend
Paul was very easy to work with. He prioritized my needs and helped provide an extremely fair price . I didn’t feel any pressure at all consulting with him, and he always made sure to provide clarity on any confusion. He pointed out different options from a finance perspective, and advised on...
They Provided Exceptional Service for the 10 Years
Fantastic! I had a 2005 Honda Civic that I bought and serviced at Village Honda. They provided exceptional service for the 10 years I had the vehicle and I expect to have my new car for 10 or more years and to have it serviced there as well.
Village Honda Serviced My Car in a Timely & Professional Manner
Village Honda serviced my car in a timely and professional manner that certainly met my expectations.. What transformed a normally mundane experience into a memorable "above expectations" one was the manner in which the service was delivered through my advisor, Murray Haskayne. It's not just that...