Village Honda Serviced My Car in a Timely & Professional Manner

Village Honda serviced my car in a timely and professional manner that certainly met my expectations.. What transformed a normally mundane experience into a memorable "above expectations" one was the manner in which the service was delivered through my advisor, Murray Haskayne. It's not just that Murray is incredibly well-versed in automotive matters. What's equally impressive is that he also took the time to explain thoroughly each aspect of the required service, and he did so in a totally pleasant, friendly and concerned way. Murray's knowledge, his ability to communicate well, and his friendly demeanor are a true asset to your company. You're incredibly lucky to have him on your staff.

Other customers satisfied

I Would Recommend Paul, Dee and Their Colleagues in a Heartbeat
I would recommend Paul, Dee and their colleagues in a heartbeat. Paul was able to explain in detail the features of each type of vehicle I was considering and how it may or may not meet my needs. He was excellent at highlighting his favourite features of each vehicle, which made me see why he is...
It Was Really Great
It was really great from the first time we went to check things out, until I drove off with my new van. I'm sure it will continue to be great as well!
They Provided Exceptional Service for the 10 Years
Fantastic! I had a 2005 Honda Civic that I bought and serviced at Village Honda. They provided exceptional service for the 10 years I had the vehicle and I expect to have my new car for 10 or more years and to have it serviced there as well.