New Honda airbag wins prestigious safety award from AJAC

New Honda airbag wins prestigious safety award from AJAC

The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada has awarded its Best Safety Innovation award to Honda in 2021 for the company’s impressive new airbag technology. The new airbag revolutionizes one of the most important aspects of vehicle safety.

Comprised of four distinct compartments that can cradle the front occupant’s head, the new airbag uses two lateral “sails” that deploy to bring the head to the centre of the airbag where there is the most protection.

This design ensures that the head can’t slide off the cushion or rotate, enhancing protection in every vehicle in which it is equipped.

“In our fundamental pursuit of Safety for Everyone and the enhanced safety of Acura, Honda, and the vehicles of other brands—all for the benefit of society—we are incredibly honoured that our new passenger front airbag has been recognized with the 2021 AJAC Innovation Award for Best Safety Innovation.” Eric Heitkamp, Honda Principal Crashworthiness Engineer, and co-inventor of the new airbag.

The new Honda airbag will be offered in multiple new Honda vehicles in the coming years, so stay tuned!