What is Honda Sensing and How Does It Work?

What is Honda Sensing and How Does It Work

Honda Sensing technology is a suite of active safety technologies that aim to warn of a potential danger and then intervene if the driver does not react to the danger. Active safety refers to all these technologies that aim to prevent accidents and Honda stands out at this level by offering more active safety technologies on its vehicles, often standard.

So, when you see that a Honda vehicle offers Honda Sensing technology, you know that the vehicle in question offers:

Forward Collision Warning System (FCW)

This system can detect the presence of a vehicle in front of you and warn you if you are approaching too fast.

 Impact Reduction Braking System (CMBS)

If you do not respond to warnings from the FCW system, the CMBS system kicks in to apply the brakes. At first, the pressure on the brakes will be light, but if you do not apply the brakes the pressure will be more persistent and firmer in order to prevent an accident.

 Lane-Keeping Assistance System (LKAS)

This system gently corrects the direction of the vehicle to bring you back into your lane when you cross a line on the road. The goal is to avoid unintentional lane departures.

Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM)

If the RDM system detects that you are about to pull off the road, it will apply the brakes and adjust the steering to correct the trajectory.

Adaptive cruise control with low-speed follow

This system keeps a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. It can also slow down, stop, and accelerate again depending on traffic.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDW)

This system can alert you when you are about to leave your lane.


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